Due to mounting ophthalmology waiting lists, a Welsh Health Board approached SHS Partners to deliver 200 cataract procedures in two separate sites over a weekend.

ophthalmology case study SHS Partner NHS waiting list cataract


SHS Partners adeptly mobilised a rapid solution. Two experienced theatre teams were initiated with substantive NHS Consultants to deliver all procedures. We agreed on seamless reporting with the client, and the SHS Partners team handled all pre-and post-operative management.


  • 40 pre-operative assessments were performed each day
  • Up to 25 cataract procedures were performed each day
  • In line with Health Board instructions, SHS Partners achieved an integrated discharge procedure for patients through to community optometrists

Our teams perform 1,000s of Opthalmology procedures. Providing primary, secondary and tertiary care to patients within English NHS Trust and Welsh Health Board hospitals. Treatment and care include:

  • High-volume new & follow-up ophthalmology clinics
  • Cataract first assessments
  • High-volume cataract surgery
  • YAG surgery
  • Pre-op assessments

We are NHS Framework-approved, and our cost-effective solutions are often below tariff rates.

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