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Revue Pathology

Bridging the Gap. The Home Testing Kit Solution.

Revue Pathology is brought to you by SHS Partners, a trusted NHS clinical insource provider that has been delivering extra-capacity care and waiting list management since 2016. Our at-home testing solution uses secure technology for a modern, forward-thinking diagnostic pathway.


Adopt a patient-centric approach to empower your patients to take control of their health, enabling safe self-testing in the comfort of their own homes. Subsequently, this alleviates pressures on NHS clinicians and pathology teams and allows for the reallocation of resources.

Improves NHS efficiency

Boosts internal capacity and frees up valuable clinician, nursing and pathology workloads

Releases resources available for complex patients, increasing the quality of care across the board

Reduces infrastructure overheads with positive financial impact

Rapid turnaround times

Supports net zero targets

Cut 3rd party supplier travel costs

Empowers patient choice

Samples taken in the comfort and safety of own homes

Full support and guidance throughout the process

Enhances the wellbeing of patients with chronic diseases by removing unnecessary travel

Limits exposure of at-risk patients to infection and disease transmission

Eliminates the need for hospital and public transport

Reduces financial, logistic and emotional burdens on patients and support network

What is Revue Pathology?

The Revue Pathology platform is a secure clinician-led portal that allows healthcare professionals to request specific tests to meet the needs of their patients across the UK and Ireland. Our purpose is to be a catalyst for better health, enabling patients to take ownership of their own health via safe self-testing methods within the comfort of their own homes.

Extensive Testing

A wide range of testing options are available, including blood, faecal, urine, and swab/sputum. Clinicians can access extensive testing options and provide home testing kits to their patients to be completed on a specific day or time in line with their ongoing healthcare.

Patient Interaction

Patients receive ongoing support and notification throughout their journey, including reminders about when to take each test and any additional requirements as instructed by their healthcare team. Clinicians can easily alter test requirements via the Revue Pathology portal, seamlessly updating the patient notifications.

Live Tracking

Our interactive portal allows clinicians to track their patients’ journeys easily. Time-stamped results provide critical information to ensure that each patient’s health is closely monitored for optimal health outcomes.


All laboratories used by Revue Pathology are ISO15189:2012 and UKAS accredited, adhering to the highest standards in the UK. Our platform is secure and straightforward, adhering to all GDPR and security measures.

Patient Example

Diagnosis: Ovarian Cancer with bone metastases. The patient is in a lot of pain and finds it hard to travel; however, she is required to attend the oncology outpatient unit for blood monitoring to check eligibility for the next cycle of chemotherapy. The patient is dependent on hospital transport.

Solution: At her last chemotherapy session, the patient is given a Revue Pathology home testing kit. Through the Revue Pathology platform, the clinician requests the appropriate blood markers for the patient’s next cycle of chemotherapy.

The patient receives a text message the day before the test is due and another the day the blood test is to be performed. She uses our painless novel blood collection device and pops the sample into a local post box. Results are fed directly into the Revue Pathology portal to be reviewed by her oncology team. The process has removed unnecessary travel and stress for the patient, enabling clinicians to reallocate their time elsewhere.

SHS Partners Cancer Patient Revue Pathology
fbc verified blood test home testing SHS Partners Revue Pathology

Empowering patients through device choice

Finger-Prick Medical Device
Standardised and accurate approach to enabling at-home blood collection for a large demographic of patients.

Tap II Medical Device
Innovative ‘virtually painless’ blood collection device approved by the MHRA designed to collect capillary whole blood up to 700uL within 2-3 minutes.
It is designed to empower patients with a less invasive protocol that results in minimal discomfort and reduced risk of hemolysis and contamination.

Venous Sample Collection
UK-wide accessibility to have one of our experts take control of sample collection process. In-clinic locations available, or alternatively, request a nurse for a home visit at a convenient day or time.

How can Revue Pathology be procured?

We are immensely proud to be members of two fully compliant NHS-wide frameworks for insourcing and outsourcing solutions. In addition, both frameworks are accessible across the whole of the NHS and cover both onsite and offsite surgical and medical capacity solutions.

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