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ALERT - Coronavirus COVID-19 SUPPORT

SHS Partners are agile and resolute in our commitment to helping the fight against coronavirus COVID-19 now and in the future. Our support services are diverse and of the highest standard, including COVID-19 screening for up to 40,000 tests per day, the supply of PPE products for bulk and individual purchase and post-pandemic waiting list and clinical recovery solutions.

SHS Partners stand shoulder to shoulder with the NHS to reduce waiting lists and improve the patient experience

SHS Partners know how to reduce patient waiting lists, we’ve been successfully doing it since 2016 and helped well over 75,000 patients. Let us help your NHS Trust or Health Board to deliver the NHS Constitution to ensure patients get the care they need and deserve.

Our innovative delivery model is cost-effective and straightforward, with proven results in NHS waiting list management. We use your onsite premises and equipment to deliver a broad range of clinical support services outside of when they usually are in use, such as evenings and weekends. Working in over 20 areas of clinical specialism, our expert teams of NHS experienced consultants, surgeons, nurses, and healthcare professionals adhere to NHS guidelines to provide a seamless patient experience.

Our end-to-end solutions cover everything from accredited COVID-19 staff and patient screening, capacity and demand assessment, planning, and delivery of patient pathways utilising your NHS premises and facilities.
We work in partnership, never in competition, with the NHS. Our commercial frameworks are bespoke for each service solution, and we share the PBR tariffs with our integrated delivery partners. SHS Partners are fully NHS compliant and framework approved for Insourcing and Outsourcing. Our clinical services model is flexible, scalable, and highly effective.

SHS Partners Facts About Us

Assured Clinical, Corporate and Information Governance

Just like you, patient safety is our single most important priority. We work in total compliance with NHS regulations to meet the highest safety standards while increasing capacity.

Rapid Scalable Solutions

All of our services can be adapted to suit your needs, whether it is a one-off contract operating over a weekend or a fully managed service over a much more extended period. We work across 20 different clinical specialism areas, and have expertise in telehealth and capital financing.

Seamless Integrated Delivery

From day one, our team will listen to you, and your individual needs to understand your unique challenges. We will work as an expert extension of your team with seamless and secure integration.

SHS Partners is a team of dedicated healthcare professionals and clinicians with a breadth of experience gained across the private and NHS healthcare sectors. We have years of real-life experience in all aspects of healthcare commissioning and integrated service provision. We are uniquely positioned to understand and proactively assist our clients in overcoming clinical and financial challenges.

SHS Partners NHS Framework Approved

We are immensely proud to have been appointed to two fully compliant NHS-wide frameworks for both insourced and outsourced services that any NHS Trust can access. These simple to use frameworks cover onsite and offsite surgical and medical capacity solutions. See our handy Insourcing Explained page for more information.

“This Framework Agreement offers an easy and efficient way to maximise your in-house capacity, letting you reduce or eliminate the need for additional mobile facilities and expensive outsourcing. At the same time, in-patient and out-patient waiting times will be reduced, referrals will be expedited, service quality will be improved and Trusts can release considerable cash savings.” NHS Commercial Procurement Services

SHS Partners Areas of Clinical Specialism Elective Care NHS

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