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SHS Partners

Your Trusted Insourcing Partner

Standing shoulder to shoulder with the NHS to reduce waiting lists and improve the patient experience

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SHS Partners

Reducing Patient Waiting Lists

Providing extra capacity clinical solutions to the NHS to help clear patient waiting list backlogs

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SHS Partners

Cost-Effective Clinical Solutions

Our innovative clinical solutions are straightforward and cost-effective with proven results

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SHS Partners - Trusted to Reduce NHS Patient Waiting Lists

NHS insourcing framework provider helping to reduce patient waiting lists with cost-effective, compliant solutions in 20+ clinical specialties.

Reducing patient waiting lists. Let us help your NHS Trust or Health Board to deliver the care your patients need and deserve. Our innovative insourcing delivery model is cost-effective and straightforward, with proven results in NHS waiting list management. We use your onsite premises and equipment to deliver a broad range of clinical support services outside when they are in use, such as evenings and weekends. We also have telehealth virtual clinic options to ensure patients are seen from the safety of their own homes. Working in over 20 clinical speciality areas, our expert teams of NHS-experienced consultants, surgeons, nurses, and healthcare professionals adhere to NHS guidelines to provide a seamless patient experience.

“Patients are getting the care they need with insourcing and out-of-hours surgeries on NHS premises. With SHS Partners they receive seamless service and the same level of care as they would during regular hospital hours.” NHS Cardiology Consultant

How can Insourcing help the NHS?

The SHS Partners insourcing model is simple yet highly effective. Your NHS Trust or Health Board retains capacity planning in-house whilst SHS Partners ensure patients are seen within your normal hospital environment by consultants, healthcare professionals and nursing staff, normally with day jobs elsewhere in the health service.

Service identifies waiting list capacity requirements & timetable

Extra capacity clinical care is delivered within NHS premises

Often outside normal use, such as evenings and weekends

Using qualified NHS-experienced consultants, nurses & professionals

Delivering waiting list reductions & seamless patient service

Your NHS Insourcing Partner

We’re proud of our clinical credentials and proven track record. The volume of patients we have helped is growing all the time, as is our network of NHS clients.


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About SHS Partners

Assured Clinical Governance

Patient safety is our single most important priority. Essentially, we work in total compliance with NHS regulations to meet the highest safety standards whilst increasing capacity.

Rapid Scalable Solutions

All of our services can be adapted to suit your needs, whether a one-off contract operating over a weekend or a fully managed service over a much extended period. We work across 20 different clinical speciality areas including pathology, endoscopy, ophthalmology and ENT.

Seamless Integrated Delivery

From day one, our team will listen to your individual needs to gain an insider understanding of your unique challenges. SHS Partners will work as an expert extension of your team with seamless and secure integration.

Our Services

Clinical Solutions

Flexible, scalable and reliable clinical solutions to reduce waiting times and raise standards of care.

Pathology Solutions

Delivering accurate, real-time reporting for effective patient diagnoses.

Capital Funding Solutions

Access capital funding solutions for infrastructure projects to enable the delivery of clinical services.

Consultancy Solutions

Help with all aspects of financial, clinical and operational planning and delivery.

Telehealth Solutions

Cost-effective telehealth solutions to deliver seamless virtual clinics.

Bank Staff Solutions

Nationwide network of accredited and verified healthcare professionals

NHS Patient Feedback

Every single member of our team puts patient care at the heart of everything we do. All patients are people and not just a number on a waiting list. We treat everyone with respect and exceptional care. 91% of NHS patients rated SHS Partners 9 or 10/10 for their overall experience.

Case Studies

Find out how we have helped our clients with a broad range of clinical solutions.

Urology Case Study

Urology Case Study

250+ urology waiting list patients treated over 13 weekends for

Oral Maxillofacial Case Study

Oral Maxillofacial Case Study

Twice extended contract with a North Wales NHS hospital treating

Orthopaedic Surgery Case Study

Orthopaedic Surgery Case Study

1,800 hip & knee replacements performed, contributing £600k to cost


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