SHS Partners stand shoulder to shoulder with the NHS to improve the patient experience and raise standards of care

The NHS is facing unprecedented pressure to meet growing patient demand and reduce waiting lists. Insourcing is a proven and cost-effective way that NHS Trusts can treat more patients quickly.

We know first-hand that hospitals the length and breadth of the UK are delivering world class round-the-clock inpatient and emergency care. However with many theatres, imaging labs and outpatients clinics standing empty at evenings and weekends, many Trusts are now securing additional clinical capacity to make better use of their existing infrastructure.

SHS Partners is your trusted NHS insourcing partner. Our innovative insourcing delivery model is simple and cost effective with proven results in NHS waiting list management. We use your spare capacity to treat a high volume of patients in a short space of time, reducing your waiting times and improving clinical excellence, all carried out on your NHS Trust premises.

SHS Partners Four Key Facts in circles

Assured Clinical Governance

Just like you, patient safety is our single most important priority. We work in total compliance with NHS regulations to meet the highest safety standards whilst increasing capacity.

Scalable Solutions

All of our services can be adapted to suit your needs, whether it is a one-off contract operating over a weekend or a fully managed service over a much longer period. We work across 20 different areas of clinical specialism including pathology, endoscopy, ophthalmology and ENT, as well as having expertise in telehealth and capital financing.

Seamless Delivery

From day one, our team will listen to you and your individual needs to understand your unique challenges. We will work as an expert extension of your team with seamless and secure integration.

SHS Partners is a team of dedicated healthcare professionals and clinicians with a breadth of experience gained across the private and NHS healthcare sectors. With years of real-life experience in all aspects of healthcare commissioning and integrated service provision, we are uniquely positioned to understand and proactively assist our clients overcome clinical and financial challenges.

We are very proud to have been appointed to a fully compliant NHS-wide insourcing framework contract which any NHS Trust can access at any time. This simple to use framework covers the insourcing of onsite surgical and medical capacity solutions. See our handy Insourcing Explained page for more information.

“This Framework Agreement offers an easy and efficient way to maximise your in-house capacity, letting you reduce or eliminate the need for additional mobile facilities and expensive outsourcing. At the same time, in-patient and out-patient waiting times will be reduced, referrals will be expedited, service quality will be improved and Trusts can release considerable cash savings.”

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