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Mass Capacity COVID-19 RT-PCR Testing Solution


SHS Partners is helping to secure a return to safe COVID-free business for all. 25k+ per day capacity for Gold Standard RT-PCR COVID-19 testing through our UK-based accredited laboratory. Guaranteed volumes, cost-effective and reliable solution for business and public sector.


SHS Partners COVID-19 Testing Options


– UK-based Laboratory

– Gold Standard RT-PCR provided by Perkin Elmer and Thermo Fisher Scientific

– Lower Nasal Swab Tests

– 25k+ Test Capacity Per Day

– Results in 24-48 hours

– At-home Test Kit or Nurse Supervised Options

– Fit to Fly Certificates

– Antibody Tests Available

– Rapid Tests Available

Responding to an extreme shortage in the UK testing marketplace, SHS Partners has secured a guaranteed expert network to deliver consistent high-volume, accurate COVID-19 testing. We reliably support the UK Government, healthcare providers and industry in the national effort against the coronavirus pandemic.

A scalable and flexible solution to support your business from our accredited Laboratory, appointed to the National Quality Board for COVID-19 Laboratories by Public Health England.

SHS Partners Pathology Solutions

SHS Partners COVID-19 Testing offers you:

– 98% minimum sensitivity

– 100% specificity

– Secure GDPR compliant

– Barcode tracking from order to sample and results

– Telemedicine support platform

– NHS SBS Framework Approved

– ISO9001 accredited

– International reagent stock secured to guarantee service continuity

SHS Partners Frameworks and Accreditation

Working closely with Public Health England (PHE), NHS, and other partners, we guarantee our testing is accurate and meets the highest standards. SHS Partners has extensive healthcare experience working across the UK. We sit on several national procurement frameworks for both insourcing and outsourcing.

These include:

NHS Shared Business Service (SBS)

Countess of Chester Hospital Commercial Procurement Services Centre of Procurement Expertise

– NHS Wales

Using our expert network, we have engaged with leading laboratories and skilled professionals from across the scientific community to form a strategic partnership. Our accredited and certified laboratories are approved to test for hazard group 2 and 3 pathogens and biohazard level 2 certified with global approval for COVID-19 testing.

Our COVID-19 testing service uses a PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test, which is highly sensitive at detecting at least ten copies per microliter. We use TaqPathTM RT-PCR COVID-19 | Perkin Elmer SARS-COV2 test kits which involve a nasal or throat swab. All sample handling includes sample aliquoting, RNA extraction, setting up for RT-PCR and will be processed using automatic instruments. We run a single panel for COVID-19 without the need to combine all the other respiratory panels. This single panel approach is recognised to minimise costs and maximise the testing outreach and response.

Importantly, we only use reagents contracted with ThermoFisher Scientific and Perkin Elmer, with no impact on UK allocations.

SHS Partner Pathology Solutions

Option One: Sample pick-up, Transportation, Laboratory Testing and Reporting

COVID-19 test kits are sent to you in advance to obtain the swab samples, label and package independently.  Our service will pick-up samples, batched, barcoded, packaged and ready for transportation.  We organise end-to-end tracked sample pick-up and transportation to the laboratory.  Testing and results are delivered within 24-48 hours from the point of sample pick-up with test results available electronically via a secure portal. From our accredited laboratories, we can run 25k+ tests per day.


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Option Two: Fully Managed Service

SHS Partners will establish a fully managed onsite solution staffed with teams of trained and accredited nurses who will conduct, label and package all swab testing. Our onsite nursing team batch, barcode and package all samples ready for transportation.  We organise end-to-end tracked sample pick-up and transportation to the laboratory. Testing and results are delivered within 48 hours from the point of sample pick-up with test results available electronically via a secure portal. From our accredited laboratories, we can run up to 25k+ tests per day.


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